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Are you ready to take back TN

We have several great campaign videos on the way. I will begin posting them here and on our website in the next few days or so. We will also use Twitter for quick captions @MontyFrittsTN32

They were filmed at a great location. A location that represents TN Values. I really think you will enjoy them.

Why? Because we, you and I, are developing a momentum to restore your Voice and defend our Values.

What are the issues that fuel this momentum?

1. Defending our Constitution against what has been a continuous assault by those who wish to destroy it.

A. Every Tennessean is essential with the Rights given by God to:


-earn a living in our chosen field (Liberty)

-hold the hands of and pray with our loved ones in

hospitals and health care facilities (Pursuit of happiness)

B. Medical Freedom is a Right of Conscience, we say what and

we say when

C. Executive Orders cannot create law

D. Legislators cannot change our Constitution without

following the process that requires our vote

2. Developing State policy that ensures we the people have an informed Voice in TN Energy production and TN Energy jobs. Our children's TN Energy availability is on the line.

3. Demanding that Parental Rights in education, healthcare, and all other matters be respected by those in public service. Our children's freedom is on the ballot in this election.

4. Defending our TN Borders, as every State is a border State. Our sovereignty as a State and people is on the line in this election.

5. Developing a legislature engaged continuous improvement approach in government operations and elections processes. "Same old politics" versus a "we the people" approach is on the line in this election.

6. Defining conditions to make Tennessee the Arsenal of the Republic, creating more manufacturing jobs in our State and protecting our Rights.

7. Developing a public servant approach that will become the model for effectiveness in Representative/ Neighbor-Citizen interaction and accountability. We are going to change the expectations so that your Voice is heard, and our Values are kept.

I will be addressing each of these in detail at our upcoming Community Listening Events in Loudon and Roane Counties. Contact me now to schedule a Event in your area.

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