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As a Veteran

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I served alongside some really committed and brave folks. We conducted many combat reconnaissance patrols to secure routes, to protect people, and accomplish combined operational objectives for the Regiment and Division. Fidelity to mission and commitment to the people one serves are vital in building effective teams.

This photo is near the Iraq-Iran border 2005.

As a veteran I believe we should always support our veteran's needs. I will fight for their Voice in TN! And to borrow from Alvin C. York's speech at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 1941, I will fight to "renew our lease on Liberty" in Tennessee. Send me to Nashville and I will apply that fidelity to mission and commitment to people equation in team building with other conservative voices in Nashville.

I will fight for our children and grandchildren's rights in a time when many TN politicians attempt to compromise away these rights that men and women before us have fought to protect.

The cornerstones of my plan include:

1.) Developing a stronger in-state approach, and input network, to producing TN energy and protecting TN energy jobs. We must have increased State / District input on energy matters if we hope to grow economically. TN Energy is foundational to our TN economy and our TN way of life;

2.) Protecting, and leveraging the value of, our forests, riverways, and farmland as strategic assets within District 32 is vital, Our regional and State economy, our quality of life, and frankly our well-being is at some point connected to our use and availability of these resources. The ability to harvest the fruits of these resources is important for us today and will be important for our grandchildren in 50 years;

3.) Strengthening our Right to own firearms through further protecting the manufacturers and retailers of this industry, which will lead to more high paying firearms industry related manufacturing jobs relocating to TN...we can become the "Arsenal of the Republic";

4.) Protecting all innocent life as essential...

a.) from the child in their mother's womb

b.) to the parent working to provide for their family while they decide upon the curriculum that their children are given in schools,

c.) and finally to the grandparent residing in a long-term care facility or a hospital. It is essential that they have patient-family-clergy access during their care and that loved ones have input during their treatment.

d.) We are endowed by our Creator with certain essential rights, among these rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (paraphrased from DOI 1776).

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