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Let's take back Tennessee

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Well, what is the next step?

Hard work is the simple answer.

I am not a establishment politician. I am a political outsider who has simply worked and learned rather than play politics. So, I must work harder than the others who may campaign for this office. I am knocking on doors somewhere in our District, 6 days a week. I want to listen to you so that I can be a voice for your values. We as a District must simply decide whether we want another same old system politician or someone who will challenge the system and serve the people. Our District has enjoyed good public servants in the past. I want to resurrect that concept.

Did we learn anything from Donald Trump's approach and his success for America? I did. I learned some of that while working in DC under his administration. And I learned from reduced fuel and energy prices as well as increased job growth during the Trump years. Less government and fewer regulations always benefit the average Tennessean and average American. And I am unafraid to apply that which I learned working in DC during the Trump years as your public servant in TN House District 32.

This is a really important election. While motivation and intent are important factors in human relations, they are not the final measure of success in business nor government. Roads to really bad destinations are paved with good intentions. We must look to results. I can provide you with both a resume that documents results at high levels and an absolute commitment to Tennessee principles.

I am a fan of Admiral Rickover's principles. He was known to have been one of America's finest in accomplishing complex and difficult objectives. One of his principles of operations is a maxim that simply affirms...If you cannot write it down, then you do not understand it.

I believe this applies to not only nuclear operations but also to legislative and budgetary matters. Many will throw their name in a hat for an office. They will do this without any firm commitment to anything other than self-promotion. They are at their roots a politician. We need folks in public service with a documented vision that is secured in a love for country and concern for fellow citizens. We need offices holders who are at their roots public servants within the boundaries of our Constitution.

I will clearly state what I stand for. I will clearly identify those issues and topics of which I will not compromise. And I will develop a legislative plan which secures and protects the individual Tennessean's liberty while providing economic opportunity for the people of TN House District 32. Before the election takes place you will have these items from me in writing and on video.

The cornerstones of my plan include:

1.) Developing a stronger in-state approach, and input network, to producing TN energy and protecting TN energy jobs. We must have increased State / District input on energy matters if we hope to grow economically. TN Energy is foundational to our TN economy and our TN way of life;

2.) Protecting, and leveraging the value of, our forests, riverways, and farmland as strategic assets within District 32 is vital, Our regional and State economy, our quality of life, and frankly our well-being is at some point connected to our use and availability of these resources. The ability to harvest the fruits of these resources is important for us today and will be important for our grandchildren in 50 years;

3.) Strengthening our Right to own firearms through further protecting the manufacturers and retailers of this industry, which will lead to more high paying firearms industry related manufacturing jobs relocating to TN...we can become the "Arsenal of the Republic";

4.) Protecting all innocent life as essential...

a.) from the child in their mother's womb

b.) to the parent working to provide for their family while they decide upon the curriculum that their children are given in schools,

c.) and finally to the grandparent residing in a long-term care facility or a hospital. It is essential that all these groups have patient-family-clergy access during their care and that loved ones have input during their treatment.

d.) We are endowed by our Creator with certain essential rights, among these rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (paraphrased from DOI, 1776).

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