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Meet Monty at Kingston Community Center

On Friday April 8 at 6pm in the Kingston Community Center there will be an opportunity to meet Monty Fritts and briefly hear his vision to reshape the TN House District 32 role back into one of public service. Monty will introduce his core conservative vision for regular community meetings in each area of House District 32 (Rockwood, Lenoir City, Kingston, Dixie Lee Junction area, Midway, Melton Hill, Midtown, Harriman, and Oak Ridge). In these meetings the citizens will get that TN Constitutional time to instruct their representative. These listening meetings are foundational to effective public service and instrumental in rebuilding the confidence of the public. To be a Voice for our Values, the representative must listen.

Additionally, Monty will discuss the qualifications and background which equip him to effectively work for you in this role. This session will give you an opportunity to hear why Monty thinks that a faithful allegiance to Constitutional principles benefits all the Loudon and Roane citizens who call District 32 home. Time permitting he will also address the cornerstones of his agenda (TN Energy, Arsenal of the Republic, TN Strategic Assets, and the Essentialness of Life).

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