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Will you join the District 32 TN Cavalry

If we are going to have our Voice heard again in District 32 and see our TN Values upheld again, then we're gonna have to send in the Cavalry. We're gonna have to send Monty!

-Send a man who knows how to fight for you.

-Send a man who has a plan to defend your Rights to:

-decide what your children learn in school.

-visit your loved ones in medical facilities and have input to their care.

-determine that which upholds your rights of conscience.

-earn a living in your chosen field.

-Send a man with a TN Energy production plan.

-Send a man with a strategy to bring in manufacturing jobs and protect your Rights.

-Send a man who has a vision to establish TN House District 32 as the role model for Tennessee. The role model for how the Representative serves the public and engages his neighbors on a routine basis where they live and work. The role model in seeking out your Voice. The role model for NEVER compromising our Values nor our Constitution.

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