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as Representative 

  • I will speak and act to protect and promote your rights.

  • I will propose measures to repeal Tennesse Code which does not align with the Tennessee Constitution.

  • I will honor my oath to the Constitution respecting the document as base law in construct of government operations and restraint upon governmental authority.

  • I will seek election no more than two terms.

  • I will behave as if I am from Loudon County /Roane County area. I will continuously seek out the counsel and instruction of those I represent. Those from each business, community, office, and demographic MUST be regularly heard by their representative. 

  • I will publish my calendar to ensure a transparent service to you.

  • I will provide summaries of my positions regarding current issues and legislation on a regular basis.

  • I will actively seek out opportunities for private capital investment in our District, supporting small businesses.

  • I will act to strengthen our Right to bear arms through measures protecting TN firearms manufacturers and retailers.

  • I will always support innocent life. Period. Womb to tomb.

  • I will always support a parent's God-given rights to decide for their child in education and matters of conscience. 

  • I will always support patient, caregiver/ family, and clergy's rights to be involved in the treatment and visitation of patients and residents. It is immoral to deny or greatly restrict access to an ill loved one. 

  • I will NOT accept funds from Political Action Committees (PACs). While I support the objectives of many, at this level I believe the collective harm of accepting PAC monies may be greater than the collective good. The people's voices are often not heard due to the volume of the PAC voice.

  • I will at every opportunity attempt to wean our state off wealth redistributions from DC which target greater DC control in local governments. 

  • I will support measures that protect the long-term strategic assets of our farmland, woodland, and waterways so that we realize both the value in them today and their value to our grandchildren.

  • I will support measures that keep the beauty and access of our Ft. Loudon, Watts Bar, Tellico, and the Wildlife Management Areas and Parks available to all persons. 

  • I will support legislation that keeps the 32nd District in conversations regarding state and national energy production.  Our state representative voice can matter in these discussions if your state rep is informed on energy matters. 

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