Our TN and U.S. Constitution

Do not seem to matter to many of these life-long political actors in Nashville. Our values are protected, and our voice is guaranteed in this document.

Reckless White House "border policy"

Deposits criminal border-crossers into Tennessee cities. Yet the state government has not firmly acted to protect Tennessee nor our interests. "Every state is a border state." Sen. Blackburn is correct. Our voices are silenced by an insurgency.

Globalist Agendas carried out in TN

Many corporations affirmed that they hold more authority over your body and rights of conscience than you. Big corporations operated while small businesses were shuttered. Our value of personal freedom was violated.

Spending in D.C. 

Is completely out of control, yet many in Nashville frantically plan to accept and spend all those dollars. It seems many in Nashville are actually sidin’ with Biden on our budgets. Our voice is being muffled by a bureaucrat in DC.

Medical Freedom

Our Creator has made us sovereign over our own bodies accountable to Him for our decisions. Governments and corporations overstep their authority when they demand our unquestioning compliance with medical matters. Yes, I am Pro-Life, from womb to tomb. Our voice for medical freedom is foundational to all other civil rights.

An out-of-touch Nashville 

Decreed thousands of Tennesseans as “non-essential” stripping them of their ability to provide for their family. Meanwhile, the politicians are less than engaged in TN energy production or TN energy jobs. We need another competent voice for both business and the energy that fuels our economy.

School Systems and Courts 

Across the state many declared themselves to have greater authority over curriculum and conditions than that given the parents by God. And the Legislature cannot agree that some materials are unsuitable for schools. Our family values and parental voice were dismissed.

2020 Election
The Presidential election left most with significant concerns. Yet our state government fails to recognize the concerns or act to prevent similar from occurring in TN. Our vote is foundational to our voice.
Gun Rights and Firearms Manufacturing

While our state made progress in Constitutional Carry, work remains. TN is positioned to become the "Arsenal for the Republic" with our current firearms manufacturers and those moving here. We MUST move to further protect our "Right to bear" by protecting the TN manufacturers and retailers against frivolous litigation which aims to bankrupt the industry.  Without stable manufacturing and retail capabilities in TN, our Right to Bear will be infringed.